About Us

DownloadtechTools.com, for the last 5 years, has been offering services for software submission to shareware merchants and vendors.

The services provided here at DownloadtechTools.com is the efforts of our skilled staff, and we make sure that we offer ground-breaking software programs to our customers, via advance technology. We ensure that the software submitted here gets listed in as many software search engines and software directories as possible.

You can find that more than half of the software listed on download sites have been added using our software submission tools. We believe that the services and products offered here at DownloadtechTools.com are helping users to make their life easier and simpler.

How to Submit a Software

Interested in submitting your software or product at DownloadtechTools.com ?

Write a detailed review about your software or product in document format and mail us at : submit@downloadtechtools.com

Guidelines for submitting a software or product

1 - There must be a direct download link associated with the particular product/software. For example, (http://www.yourdomainname.com/product.exe)

2 - All software or products submitted will first go to our queue and will not be available on immediate basis. This policy helps us to remove forbidden software from being submitted/added to our website.

3 - It is mandatory for all software submissions to be complied with our software submission policies, failing with they are liable to be deleted without prior notice.

4 - We do not accept the software that are heavily loaded with Adware or Spyware

For further assistance, drop us a mail at : admin@downloadtechtools.com